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Fish and seafood

Freshwater fish


Do not drown the subtle taste of freshwater fish with a heavy red. The delicate flesh requires a dry white that can be lively but not overpowering, reserving enough space for the taste of the fish. When grilling fish, on the other hand, the wine must offer greater aromatic intensity in response to the slightly smoked aromas in the grilled skin.



Saltwater fish


Fish from the sea tastes of the sea and has a more pronounced flavour than freshwater fish. Steaming will showcase delicate aromas; select a tender white with not too strong a taste. If grilling, a moderately aromatic dry white wine will be more appropriate, or a delicate rosé.




Wines that are too woody or powerful become bitter when they meet the salty tang of the sea. Oysters do wonderfully well with light, dry, mineral whites. A racier and moderately aromatic wine can be served with scallops.  In general, the wine must have a marked mineral side - apart for with cooked shellfish, which go well with an acidic twang.





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