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Chocolate cake


The tastes to be found in chocolate, especially with a high cocoa content, are bitter as well as slightly sweet with very persistent aromas. Powerful red wines are therefore prohibited as their tannins don’t like bitterness. Syrupy wines with strong aromatic density will provide a particularly pleasant contrast.

Fruit tart


A fruit tart has a wonderful acidity that can occasionally be toned down by a creamy or custardy base. Intense, syrupy white wines offer a very nice contrast to such vivacity, as do sparkling wines. The latters’ subtle and sweet character brings this final phase of the meal to a perfect close.

Fruit salad


The fresh and intense fragrances in a fresh fruit salad call for a wine that is also very fragrant. A sweet white or a sparkling wine, a Champagnes or a Crémant, will beautifully underpin the freshness of the fruit, creating a delightfully light and subtle dessert.

Ice cream and sorbet

Wine is rarely served with ice cream and sorbet. Yet sweet and syrupy wines can go rather well, particularly with light sorbets. The sugary side of the wine underscores the presence of the fruit and contributes a sweetness to the whole. A sparkling wine can also be a bright and breezy partner for such deserts.



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